Decking is not a new feature in our homes, it has old history. Previously, experts did it with the wood panels, but no other options are available. If you want to have Decking installed at your home, contact Timber Decks Cape Town.

Wood deck is a traditional choice by Timber Decks Cape Town

Firstly, you can choose to have a wooden deck in your home. The wood deck is natural and gives a natural warmth. A variety of woods is available, so you can easily get a wooden deck within your budget. However, wood needs proper maintenance. Wooden panels can get cracks, and they can easily split if you don’t take proper care of them. Balau Decking is a popular wood decking. 

Timber Decks Cape Town

Composite decking is a modern approach by Timber Decks Cape Town

Importantly, Composite decking is a modern type of decking. This material is a combination of wood and plastic. Some binding gents are also used, like fibers. It is better than plastic decking and much more durable as compared to wood decking. The composite panels can be used similarly, as we use wooden planks. Decking installations are also easy for this decking material. 

Plastic deck is cheaper alternative supplied!

Plastic is another material used to make a deck. It’s very light in weight and affordable in price. Usually, the pool deck is made with plastic material, as it does not get damaged by water. However, the swimming pool deck should not be slippery. Timber Decks Cape Town provides information about different decking materials according to your needs. Plastic is not suitable for sundecks, as sunlight can change its color. 

Timber Decks Cape Town

Speak to us about your decking installation. Indeed, we offer decking repairs as well. 

We provide Timber Decks installation. You can contact us for various similar jobs.

For instance, if you need wooden floors in your home, we have professionals for this work.

Our experts can help you to get laminate Floors. 

If you need vinyl floors, our skilled technicians can do this job for you.